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Disadvantages of drinking coffee on empty stomach

There are many benefits of drinking coffee, but drinking it in the wrong way can also harm you. Yes, drinking coffee on an empty stomach in the morning is injurious to health. Let us know some of the disadvantages of this.

nutrients in coffee

Nutritious foods like the anti-oxidant potassium are found in coffee.

blood sugar level may be

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach often increases the blood sugar level. Caffeine found in it can increase your blood sugar level on an empty stomach.

sleep can be affected

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can also disturb your sleep. The caffeine present in it impairs sleep, so that you may be unable to get enough sleep.

problem with detox

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can sometimes hinder your body's detoxification. Especially it can prevent your liver from being detoxified.

Remove necessary minerals

Following this habit for a long time can remove the necessary minerals from your body through urine. This can also lead to a lack of nutrients in the body.

right time to drink coffee

Afternoon time is considered the right time to drink coffee. You can drink coffee some time after having breakfast. Keep in mind that drink coffee at least 6 hours before bedtime, so that the effect of caffeine can be reduced.

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