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T-Shirt Coverup While Filming New Movie On The Beach

T-Shirt wearing of the Millie Bobby Brown and holding a chocolate icecream on her hand during the shoot on the beach on monday for the latest up coming movie.

The it girl age of the 18 spotted on the sets of her new film “The Electric States” On monday on the 24th October. Looking anything but bored about it.

Photographer Catching up that Godzilla vs Kong movies actress were more Stunning in the looks of the simple T- shirt look on the beach. Wearing the long burnet lacks down and wavey, that is carring the chocolate twisted cone on her. As the brown were this on.

T-shirt coverup while filming new movie on the beach
Milli on Shoot at Beach

Wearing a nail polish and finished laid black ensemble with the pair of the pink flop by the Stranger Things beauty.

T-shirt coverup while filming new movie on the beach
Black Purdue

Millie’s being extra busy these days on adding to on her sequal on the Netflix movie Enola Homeless which is set be release on the Nov 4 2022. Keeping a lot of the Company with her boy friend over the one year.

Jack Bongiov

Jack as the famous visitor of the famous girlfriend on the sets of the film. As In the past they were seen chatting with each other on the Atlanta in the October.

T-shirt coverup while filming new movie on the beach
Jack With Millie

Millie Family

A bright Looking future all the around way, according through the source of the Hollywood Jack rocker dad of the Jon Bon Jovi approved the millie being after enrolled in the classes of the Purdue.

Jake goes to Syracuse University and puts a big value on higher education so he’s absolutely cheering Millie on in this,” 

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T-shirt coverup while filming new movie on the beach
Jack & Millie

The Jack family is not then much fame game that about the millie but they are Stunned about the children of them who are grounded and that is the one of the most important thing that I liked most about them.

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