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Surprises Fans At Bon Iver’s London Concert To Sing ‘Exile: Taylor Swift

Bon Iver’s and Taylor Swift shareing the stage together at the event at london surprising there fans over.

It is hard to make the Bin Iver’s event more better if the event is going on as the fans over the event reacted on it, On the reaction of the fan Taylor Swift proved that when she took the stage at london at the event on 26 October, for the performance of the Exile.

Surprises fans at bon iver’s london concert to sing ‘exile: taylor swift
Taylor Swift at London Event

A video that is being shared over the tik tok that the fans going wild after seeing that Taylor Swift coming and sharing the stage with Iver’s at the event, The performance was on its mid and this time Bon Iver was singing the song beloved song on the stage.

Taylor Apperance

Wearing the black jumpsuit with strappy stilettos, and stood on a platform to join Bon Iver, giving a demure wave.

When Taylor started singing at the event at that movement the fans were not seems to be happy and some fans over there were saying the value words which alter turned over the Taylor song which was then in the good mood of them,

Surprises fans at bon iver’s london concert to sing ‘exile: taylor swift
Taylor Swift & Bin Ivor

The user who uploaded the video in the tik tok made it over the music had also made the captions view to See to it.

“My sister is at Bon Iver in London and Taylor Swift just showed up and jealous doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel right now,” they wrote, as the fans were writting.

Viral Video

The video that went on to the stream which in the coupal of the hour went on to the 500k views Taking the Taylor Swift comment section and fans over it made over the gush over the euphoric impromptu moment.

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For the first Time a fan alongside a teary-eyed emoji fans said that the “Exile” is Live out. This is literally one of my all time fave songs.

Others commented on the “chills” evoked by the clip. “I would simply pass away,” clipped a follower, while another observed, “She just casually walks out.”

Taylor’s jaw-dropping surprise performance comes on the heels of her highly anticipated Midnights album drop on October 21. “Exile,” it should be noted, was from her 2020 studio album Folklore, and the track famously featured Bon Iver.

As it happens, Taylor may have even better news on the horizon. While sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on October 24, the “Blank Space” singer hinted at an upcoming tour.

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