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SNL’ Spoofs Skechers Turning Down Kanye West In Hilarious Sketch With Cecily Strong

Kanye West is known for his wild, controversial ideas and controversial comments. So it makes sense that the shoe company Skechers would be an easy target for a parody. SNL ran an episode in November 2016 with Cecily Strong as a casting director and Jay Pharoah as an actor trying to land a role in a Kanye West-related film.

In the skit, Pharoah is trying out for the role of a sneaker in a movie about the Nike-owned brand. The casting director is well aware of his lack of acting skills and is trying to dissuade him from auditioning.

Snl’ spoofs skechers turning down kanye west in hilarious sketch with cecily strong
Cecily Strong

The casting director can’t help but laugh at the actor’s auditions and, of course, the actor can’t help but laugh.

Kanye West is one of the most controversial figures in the music industry, having courted controversy with his numerous quotes, as well as his more recent antics. Recently, he made headlines by making a deal with Skechers, which is a shoe company that has a large line for men’s shoes.

In a recent SNL sketch, Kanye West’s deal with Skechers was spoofed in a hilarious way, with Cecily Strong playing Kanye’s manager and a few cast members playing the role of Skechers employees.

Kanye West is a known spearhead, but it turns out he was turned down for an endorsement deal with the brand. SNL’s Cecily Strong and Colin Jost spoofed Kanye’s public statements about getting turned down by Skechers in a spoof sketch.

In the sketch, Strong and Jost play a couple of Skechers employees who turn down Kanye for a shoe deal.

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