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Love Is Blind’s Zanab Jaffrey Slams Cole Barnett For ‘Body Shaming’ throughout Epic Season three Reunion

Zanab Jaffrey suspect Cole Barnett of ‘trying to control’ what she Greek deity and prompted her to ‘change’ her ‘eating habits,’ throughout the explosive ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion special.

The Love Is Blind season 3 reunion special aired on Nov. 9 and it has everyone talking! During the Netflix special, many stars of the dating series revealed shocking accusations, including Zanab Jaffrey.

The 32 Year Old Lady Beauty

The 32-year-old beauty accused her 27-year-old ex-fiance Cole Barnett, whom she rejected at the altar during their wedding, of “body shaming” her and trying to “change” her “eating habits” during their romance. “I stopped eating. I was eating, like, a banana and a scoop of peanut butter so I wouldn’t pass out on the long days we were filming,” she said on the reunion, according to Variety.

Cole didn’t wait and see and skillful her claims at once. “That’s screaming, I ne’er once cared regarding what you Ate,” he said.

Zanab and Cole’s wedding was shown on episode eleven of the third season of affection Is Blind, and though Zanab aforementioned that she did love Cole, she didn’t hesitate to elucidate why she set to not marry him.

“You have disrespected American state. you have got abused American state. you have got critiqued American state. And, for what it’s value, you have got single-handed shattered my self-worth,” she said.

Love is blind’s zanab jaffrey slams cole barnett for ‘body shaming’ <strong>throughout</strong> epic season <strong>three</strong> reunion
Zanab opened up about her feelings regarding her romance with Cole

In her initial interview, Zanab recently told selection that she taken Cole’s comments to mean he solely dated white ladies. “Everyone detected it. Even observance it back, I was like, wow, i actually didn’t hear that like everybody else detected it,”

she explained to the outlet. “I’ve gotten many messages like what you simply said: ‘He’s locution this.’ within the heat of that moment, I didn’t essentially hear it. however we’d had conversations concerning ladies he antecedently dated. there have been several conversations concerning the way to I failed to seem like it or live up thereto.”

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She also elaborated further on how her eating habits changed when she was involved with Cole. “The things he was saying to me did hurt. I was somehow trying to make myself desirable to him, whether it be skinnier, or… [pauses and takes a deep breath] I’ve never had someone speak to me that way about my body or eating,” she said.

“That was very real for me. I did change what I was eating. I was just eating a banana. I did lose weight by the wedding day. It had nothing to do with fitting into my wedding dress.”

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