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Kili Puala: Tanzanian content creator

A Tanzanian content creator famous for posting videos on social media in which he lip-syncs Bollywood songs along with his sister. Gaining a lot of popularity with his lip-syncing on the song ‘Raatan Lambiyan’ along with his sister.

Kili puala: tanzanian content creator
Kili Paul


Born on Monday, 9 October 1995, Kili lives with his parents and extended family in his village where there is no electricity supply. They look after the herds of cattle.He gave up his studies because of his poor family conditions. When he was in school, he was called by the name Yusuf by his friends and family, but his father later decided to name him Kili which is short for Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak.

Kili puala: tanzanian content creator

Looking Up Closer

In 2022, Kili posted a story on Instagram in which he revealed that a group of people attacked him. he posted on his YouTube channel, he was seen lying on a stretcher with a bandage on his thumb and injury marks on his legs. In the story

Kili puala: tanzanian content creator
Looking after Heards


 Honour from diplomat Binaya Pradhan from the High Commission’s office of India in 2022.

Kili puala: tanzanian content creator


There is no electricity in his village, he used to walk ten kilometres to another village to charge his phone.

leaving studies, Kili learned English, French and Spanish.

he enjoyed watching Hindi movies and listening to Hindi songs. He showed his passion for Hindi songs through the videos he posted on social media.

In an interview, he said that he took two days to learn a Hindi song and learned to pronounce each Hindi with the help of Google. In the interview, he further said,

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his family thought he was stupid when he used to practice Hindi songs in his house.

Kili puala: tanzanian content creator
Hindi With Sister

He has over 2 million subscribers on Instagram including various Indian actors Ayushmann Khurrana, Gul Panag, and Richa Chadda.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about Kili and his sister’s efforts of promoting Hindi songs in the programme, Mann Ki Baat. In the programme, Modi said,

he danced with actor Ranveer Singh at the Meta Creator Day event.

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