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Jay Leno Seen bound Up In chamber once His automotive Burst Into Flames

Three days following his tragic burn accident that left ‘serious’ burns on his face, television star Jay Leno was seen treated up in an exceedingly new video taken from within the hospital in LA.Comedian and actor Jay Leno, 72, allowed within Edition to film him whereas he recovers within a chamber following his burn accident on Nov. thirteen (watch VIDEO HERE.)

The beloved TV host was noticed within the chamber with bandages on his left arm that went up to his elbow and his manus utterly coated. Jay wore a blue hospital robe and was barefoot whereas within the medical device on weekday afternoon.

Tragic burn accident that materialized on Sunday

he’s presently sick from a tragic burn accident that materialized on Sunday, following a petrol leak in his 1907 White Steam automotive.Although Jay didn’t speak within the clip, his doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman, shared with the news outlet regarding the 72-year-old’s standing at this point. He explained that the chamber is crucial in Jay’s recovery.

Jay leno seen bound up in chamber once his automotive burst into flames
Jay Leno suffered burns to his face, hands, & chest as a result of a car fire on Nov. 13

“It helps decrease swelling, it helps increase blood flow with sensible activity and it helps decrease bacterium,” the medical skilled aforesaid. Jay suffered burns on his face, hands, yet as his chest, per the outlet.Dr. Grossman conjointly confirmed that the previous Tonight Show host has already received skin grafts following the accident.

“He’s had skin grafts that aren’t his own, which means skin that we’ve in our skin bank,” he explained. “That’s what we have a tendency to ab initio do as a primary stage.” Dr. Grossman conjointly disclosed that Jay is ready to bear another procedure later within the week. additionally,

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the doctor aforesaid that Jay is “up and walking around” yet as creating jokes with everybody. Jay even created absolute to unfold joy within the hospital and handed out cookies to youngsters that were conjointly within the centre.

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