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How Diddy Giving Elon Musk $10 Million Helped Him purchase Twitter & Earn Rapper ‘Seat At The Table’

It took plenty of inexperienced for Elon Musk to shop for Twitter – as well as a reported $10 million from Kanye ‘Ye’ West’s friend, Sean’ Diddy’ Combs.

Though Elon Musk‘s rumored internet price is around $200 billion, it’s not just like the moot businessperson is churl McDucking it by sleeping on a large pile of money. So, once he ultimately went through with the $44 billion deal, Musk, 51, used personal assets, investment, and bank loans to pay the value tag.

the investors World Health Organization

one among the investors World Health Organization broken in to hide the price was Sean “Diddy” Combs, in keeping with TMZ. Diddy, 53, reportedly invested with “north of $10 million” within the deal, in keeping with the publication’s sources.

Diddy’s investment reportedly “revolves around having a seat at the table to represent,” in keeping with TMZ. Diddy’s last major Twitter news came once Kanye “Ye” West came back to Twitter when he was started of Instagram when sharing antisemitic remarks created during a spoken language with Diddy.

How diddy giving elon musk $10 million helped him purchase twitter & earn rapper ‘seat at the table’
Source: Google

The news conjointly came a similar day that Diddy proclaimed that he’d nonheritable Cresco Labs and Columbia Care’s divestiture in 3 markets, making the primary minority-owned, vertically integrated multi-state operator. Diddy’s investment created the biggest Black-owned cannabis company within the world,

a loud statement

a loud statement since cannabis prohibition affected BIPOC communities a lot of harsher than White communities.TMZ conjointly reports that “Diddy and also the remainder of Elon’s Twitter investors believe Elon’s vision for the bird app,” although the publication didn’t say what that vision was.

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As of Fri, Nov. 4, that vision enclosed huge layoffs that resulted in Twitter Iraqi National Congress. briefly closing its workplace doors and cutting workers’ access to internal systems. Twitter, aka Elon, told its workers that “they would learn by email concerning whether or not they were being arranged off,” per Reuters

In a trial to put Twitter on a healthy path, we’ll undergo the tough method of reducing our international hands on weekday,” an inside email reportedly scan. Elon is wanting to chop “half the hands, as he seeks to slash prices and impose a exacting new work ethic.”

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