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Dwyane Wade’s Ex Siohvaughn Claims He’s Spreading ‘Untruths’ concerning Her & Insists She ‘Loves’ Her youngsters

The back-and-forth between the exes follows their disagreement relating to their transgender female offspring de jure dynamic her name and gender.

Dwyane Wade‘s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, 41, has clapped back at the 40-year-old former basketball pro’s Instagram comments that she “continuously finds ways that of centering herself and HER desires, while not reference to her kids.”

Their most up-to-date feud stems from disagreements over their 15-year-old girl Zaya‘s path as a transgender immature and whether or not or not she ought to be allowed to de jure modification her gender.

A Very Drawn Out Statement

in a very drawn-out statement she sent to HollywoodLife on Friday, Nov. 4, Siohvaughn declared that despite Dwyane’s comments, she totally supports her kids and is barely inquisitive about “protecting” their welfare.

irst, these statements area unit utterly untrue, and second they’re terribly hurtful. Not solely to myself, however a lot of significantly to my youngsters, WHO area unit as human, and subject to harm and pain, as all different youngsters, despite any modus vivendi that they need been afforded,”

Several Different Teenager Skilling

Siohvaughn claimed. “They too, like several different youngsters, have skilled the harrowing pain and distinctive challenges that youngsters suffer once their folks area unit single. i’ll not increase that pain by currently responding in public with malicious, or hate-filled, comments to Dwyane,

despite his call American statention} these harmful untruths concerning me, and despite the actual fact that I ne’er visited the media or public concerning these sensitive non-public family matters poignant our minor kid.”

Dwyane continues to be the begetter of my youngsters and for my babies’ sake, i select to refrain from speaking negatively concerning him,” she reconfirmed. “If I had something in the least publically to mention to him it’d solely be one factor,

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Dwyane wade’s ex siohvaughn claims he’s spreading ‘untruths’ concerning her & insists she ‘loves’ her youngsters
Dwyane Wade and Siohvaughn Funches-Wade were together between 2002 and 2007, and divorced in 2010 

‘I forgive him once more.’ it’d solely be this one factor, as a result of this matter isn’t concerning him, or me, it’s a few kid World Health Organization otherwise cannot defend and protect themself from the negative consequences that embrace living your life seeable of the planet. Yes, the planet can watch your triumphs, however they’re going to even have a front row seat to your failures.”

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