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Dubai’s: Real Housewives Tease a Season at Return At BravoCon 2022

Dubai’s: Real Housewives returned at the Bravocon 2022 and all are ready.

As said by Nino Ali when and if there is season 2 we are all ready to come on and I am manifesting for all of you.

On Friday the BravoCon 2022 started with Caroline Stanbury as RHODC Hanel Ayan, Lesa Milan, Caroline Brooks, DR. Sara Al Madani, And Nino Ali have made up their minds to retire to the tv reality show in front of the camera.


As said by Stanbury that if the season of Bravo starts once again then it will be good news for all of them who are waiting to rejoin bravo season 2 with all the happiness and joy once again.

She also said that if and when there is season 2 I will be adding on Ali as manifesting for all of us the bravo.

as said by the Ayan there is season2 then you have to put it into the entire whole universe as said by.

History Making

Bravo’s eleventh housewives of the Real Housewives of the Dubai are making history and it is the first international to be produced by the network


the insider look was given to them as it will go online from June 1 2022 from the typically middle Eastern look to the life that not to look typically middle Eastern lifestyle look of the housewives as seen in the city of the gold.

Dubai's: real housewives tease a season at return at bravocon 2022
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Marrying of Stanbury

Stanbury Marrying at the age of 46 to a soccer league player named beau gets of 27. The Questioning went on coming from the ladies of London star nuts ad other different places.

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inviting all which was the correct thing to do as I think overdoing it but I was totally anxious about doing that as said from the home of the Stanbury from United Aran Amirates because on seeing their behavior I was not holding up them to my marriage.

As last seen in building their dream homes and talking about their families. I don’t want anyone else to be talking about it as said Carrallo during the episode.

I was very scared while doing this but if I can’t have a baby like Sergio then won’t stay with him.

These were the drama that was going on the season2 of Bravo between Ayabn who fought and made it hard to keep it up so many times. the eccentric Personality and the top outfit are always stolen by the big models/

Dubai's: real housewives tease a season at return at bravocon 2022
Source: Google

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