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Chup Movie Review: Book tickets for Sunny Deol’s Film For Just Rs 75, Don’t Miss This Masterpiece

Chup Movie Review: Bollywood’s well-known superstar Sunny Deol was not coming with any film in Bollywood for a long time and he took a break from the big screen for a long time.

But due to the demand of his fans, he is seen making a comeback on the big screen with his tremendous film Chup. Looking at the good movie trailer, it looks like this movie is going to be a different movie in Bollywood.

Chup: Revenge of the Artist

Chup movie download filmyzilla
chup movie download filmyzilla

Its teller got a very strong response from the audience and looking at this response, it seems as if the chances of this film becoming a hit have increased many more because when you will get only ₹ 75 tickets in theaters, then the film will be released. No one can stop you from getting hit.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right, you will get a ticket for Sunny Deol’s film for ₹ 75 and you can watch it by going to your nearest theaters and if you also want to book a ticket for Sunny Deol’s film Chup for ₹ 75 for yourself then more If you want to know the complete information behind this, then you can read this article till the end.

Sunny Deol Chup Movie

Chup movie 2022 story
chup movie 2022 story

Sunny Deol, a strong actor known for his strong films in Indian cinema, had taken a long break from the big screen but he is going to make a comeback with his tremendous Chup movie and there is a different enthusiasm among the audience about his Chup. is being seen.

Talking about the story of the silent movie The Revenge of Artist, Sunny Deol is going to be seen in the role of a policeman and he is seen solving 30 full of feeling and suspense and this atmosphere is like this. It has been created, see which one can completely get lost in this atmosphere.

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Sunny Deol’s Chup movie ticket cost Rs 75

Chup movie wikipedia
chup movie wikipedia

Sunny Deol’s movie Chup is going to be released in theaters on 23rd September and it can get this bumper opening on the first day because usually, the normal price of cinemas i.e. multiplex is between 400 to ₹ 500 but the same silent movie release day. On the day of Chup movie tickets are available for just ₹ 75, due to which more viewers can buy movie tickets and the film can also get a bumper opening.

Due to being National Cinema Day on 23rd September, all the cinema halls have reduced the ticket price of all the movies to just ₹ 75 to celebrate National Cinema Day, whether it is a multiplex or an ordinary ticket, the cost of all the tickets is only ₹ 75 and in such a situation if you want to take advantage of this auspicious opportunity now, then you can book tickets for this movie as soon as possible.

Chup Movie Review

Chup movie 2022 story
chup movie 2022 story

Chup Movie Review By Critic: Although the film will be released on September 30, for some people the screening of the film was kept before the release of the film, and for those who are coming out and in which those people have given their opinion about the silent movie review. has been presented.

If we talk about silent reviews, then its reviews are coming out very well and people say that this film will set theaters on fire and the audience can be surprised to see its Chup Movie story.

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