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Brahmastra Is Hosting Flags Of Earning Continuously…People Are Not Convinced After Seeing Earnings

Brahmastra Movie Box Office Collection: Brahmastra Part One Shiva, produced by Aryan Mukerji, seems to be making a strong hold at the box office these days and beyond which other films seem to be getting the stream right.

The condition of all the movies that have been released on Bollywood so far is the same, as if all those films were not even earning their budget but the same as Brahmastra movie was released in theaters by RN Mukherjee.

Brahmastra box office collection fake
brahmastra box office collection fake

Brahmastra movie has broken all the records of earning and has set new records of earning, which seems impossible for any movie to break because this movie is made very well and all the emotions of human beings are seen in it.

Due to which this movie is very much liked by the audience and the movie which is being liked by the people, entered the 200 club within 1 week.

The movie has broken all the earning records and it had earned 200 crores in its first week itself and today 12 days of this movie has started and its advance booking has also come out, which can be guessed.

Brahmastra box office collection gross
brahmastra box office collection gross

That how much Brahmastra movie is going to earn in its 12th day, it will be clear whether it will run at the box office or it will also prove to be weak at the box office.

The film is earning well at the box office these days, the film had a collection of 15 crores in its second week and on the same Sunday it had earned 16 crores, now there is a decrease in the collection of the film this Monday and It did a collection of 4 crores on Monday.

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Brahmastra Movie Box Office Collection

Brahmastra box office collection world
brahmastra box office collection world

And the same thing is to be said about the collection of this film on the 11th day, then this film had collected around one crore in its 11 days and from the initial figures of the same 12 days, it is being estimated that the 12th day of this film earned 1.11. Tax can be up to Rs.

Brahmastra Movie has sold 46000 tickets for 12 days and whose collection is coming out around 1 crore and on the other hand it has sold 4036 tickets in Telugu, whose collection is coming around 6 lakhs in the initial days of this film.

According to the figures of the year 12, if we look at the initial figures of the 12th day, then there is a decrease in the earnings, but even recently it seemed impossible for any Bollywood movie to earn such earnings.

In this article, the box office collection of Brahmastra movie has been told, if you liked this information, then you can also read other articles by visiting this website.

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