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Bradley Cooper & Daughter Lea, 5, Meet Up With Brooke Shields & Daughters Rowan, 19, & Grier, 16, For Lunch

Bradley Cooper at the age of 26, actress and model Brooke Shields is the new maternal role model of the century! The actress has three very different teenage daughters, Rowan, Grier, and Lea, who have all become stars in their own rights.

The four Shields women recently met up for lunch, which was a pretty high-profile lunch. Bradley Cooper, who has three daughters himself, was in attendance as well.

On the Friday 28 the Hollywood affairs big apple on the 28 of October, there was the meet up of the two most famous person with their children named as the Bradley Cooper and Brooke Shields hung out together with their children.

Bradley cooper & daughter lea, 5, meet up with brooke shields & daughters rowan, 19, & grier, 16, for lunch
Bradley Cooper and Brooke Shields joined their families together for a fun day in New York in Oct.

The A Star Is Born director brought along his adorable 5-year-old daughter Lea, while the OG Calvin Klein model was accompanied by her two beautiful daughters, Rowan, 19, & Grier, 16.

Group Meet Up

The group had a great met up with each other at the Cafe Cluny in the West Village, Bradley and Rowan held Lea’s hands as they made their way around the busy town over the Halloween weekend.

Bradley cooper & daughter lea, 5, meet up with brooke shields & daughters rowan, 19, & grier, 16, for lunch
The families appeared to be having a blast as they took over the Big Appl

Friends after the Movie shoot of 2008 October

They became friend when they shooting the movie together in the horror film The Midnight Meat Train way back in 2008. Few things that changed over the time from the October 2008 as being the friend togetherness and the closeness to each other.

Romance of the Couple

Including the beginning and end of his romance with supermodel Irina Shayk, with whom he shares little Lea. He also went on to win a Grammy, along with numerous Academy Award nominations. After the last meet up the Bradley she was very busy with the raising of the girl.

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Brooks Family

Brooke shares the two girls with husband Chris Henchy, who she wed in 2001 after meeting him through mutual friends. Chris is Brooke’s second husband; she wed tennis star Andre Agassi in 1997, but the pair were divorced two years later. Brooke and Chris live together in Greenwich Village, New York, with their two daughters.

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