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A White Tank Leaving Gym Amid Nanny & Fitted Leggings

Wearing fitted leggings is a great way to let your inner yogi out. If you’re anything like us, you probably spend a lot of time at the gym. Wearing leggings is an easy way to take your style from casual to chic, especially when you pair them with other chic pieces like a tank top or cardigan.

A white tank leaving gym amid nanny & fitted leggings
White Top and Black leggings

Wearing Love

That’s why we love seeing our favorite fitness stars rock fitted leggings as well as any other kind of workout wear they can get away with. You might not see too many people wearing leggings in the streets but there are plenty of people that do so and they look flawless while doing it. Check out these some of our favorite looks that stars have worn recently if you need more fashion inspo! From Olivia Wilde wearing fitted leggings and a white tank in the gym to Chrissy Teigen rocking zip-up sweats and high-waisted trousers on vacation, we’ve rounded up all the ways celebs are keeping it chic at the gym!

A white tank leaving gym amid nanny & fitted leggings
Leggings Wearing

Dawn Of Cinema

Ah, the movies. From the dawn of cinema until today, there are some classics that have stood the test of time and continue to mesmerize audiences with their storytelling prowess. One such movie is The Man Who Would Be King by director Justin Reardon. Starring a young, British actor named Colin Farrell, this fantasy-adventure film tells the story of John Westrate,

English Surveyor Map

an English surveyor who is sent to Africa to map the length of the Nile River for King Leopold. Upon arriving in British East Africa, Westrate meets Dr. David Reed who is also heading for Kaje as part of his new scientific expedition. Westrate falls in love with Anna Leonowens, wife of Dr. Reed’s friend Mr. George Ambani and offers to guide her from Mombasa on his horse named Flash with her maid Rosemary assisting them on another horse named Jacky.

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Meet With Boman Irani

He then proceeds to explore Kaje where he meets Boman Irani (also known as Boanerges), a warrior and King Leopold’s right hand man who has unusual dreams about an evil queen. Will Boanerges help Westrate thwart an evil queen? Or will he lead him into a trap? You’ll just have to watch out for yourself…

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